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Momentum picks for medium term: A chemical sector multi-bagger Stock: Laxmi Organic and Industries

Hello and welcome to the world of investing! We are thrilled that you are considering investing in new stocks and taking steps toward securing your financial future. With so many opportunities available, the possibilities are endless. As you embark on this journey, we wish you success in your investment endeavors and hope that you achieve your desired outcomes.

Remember, investing involves risks, but with careful consideration and research, you can make informed decisions and maximize your potential returns.

We are introducing a new series of momentum stocks which will be having the potential to generate significant returns in the medium term. Our Second pick is Laxmi Organic and Industries Ltd.: Laxmi Organic Industries Limited is in the business of specialty chemicals. With the supply squeeze from China prices of many chemicals have already shot up by 25% in the last 1 month and we are further expecting the chemical cycle to turn around. Many Indian chemical companies are expecting demand will be maintained and now prices will favour them which will improve their topline also.

On the Weekly chart, Strong volume activity is visible. We have seen multiple trendline support and CMP is more than 50% down from their highs. We believe a breakout above 300 will fire up the stock prices to 425 and 575.

On the monthly chart Inside candle was formed and a breakout above 301 confirmed the pattern. We are expecting entry above 302 with Sl of 280 and targets of 575 in the medium term.

Do you think Supply restrictions from China are temporary? Are we going to see a further uptick in chemical prices in the next few months?

  • Yes, prices will make new highs

  • No, It is temporary

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